Fashionista Vacation Essentials

I am in the midst of planning a girl’s trip to a tropical destination in the next few months.  I am beyond excited as this trip is well overdue.  I feel like a few days away with my closest and dearest girlfriends will do the trick.  So far, flights + hotel are booked!!  The next step is organizing the packing process.  This is not my favorite part, which may sound ridiculous speaking that I love fashion.  Right?  Fun fact about Nina, packing is something I dread all the time, it literally gives me anxiety.  I end up over packing and in most cases regretting my packing choices.  I don’t think a Xanax can fix that problem. When you’re over 1000 miles away from home this is not a situation anyone wants to be in.  Yes?  This leads me to today’s post, I gathered a few items I know will be winners in your suitcase.  They are essentials for any fashionista or just for anyone who wants to look good while sipping on their pina colada or margarita.  Everything mentioned is highly affordable – if you know me at all, you’ll know I love saving money as much as possible.  In fact, some of my favorite places to shop are Target, Nordstrom Rack, and Amazon. You can spend those saved dollars on more drinks by the pool or perhaps a round of 3 card poker.  Your choice!  Have fun – take lots of photos!!

Do you ever struggle with planning a vacation or packing for a trip?  What are your solutions or how do you overcome?  I need all the tips I can get!!


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