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It’s 2019, where is your next destination?  As I start thinking about all the trips we have planned up until August – I get a little nervous.  There is a lot of planning + organizing that is involved and I am not the “planning” type of person.  The funny thing is, I am so organized when it comes to my home.  Not so much with anything else I’ve come to accept.  To be more specific, I over analyze and almost feel like I don’t know where to start – a stuck kind of feeling for sure.  When I have the proper tools and packing solutions I am fine.  One thing I have learned about myself, when I go on trips regularly I have my process down perfect.  I get rusty when a few months go by before our next trip.  It happens.

Lists are a must! When I pack for vacations, I print out lists that I have created and saved on my iMac (I print the girls a list and they do their own packing).  This is so helpful because I can always add to it or take away, never the less, it makes a very good starting point.  I have one for myself, Todd, and the girls.  As individuals, we have different needs and wants so the lists are slightly different.  Another thing I find helpful is packing cubes + a travel makeup organizer that helps keep everything secure.  This is also a treat because you never know when TSA wants to search your bags.  The packing cubes make it very pretty + private.  The makeup case keeps everything organized and safe from breaking or tumbling around like it would do in a bag.  Plus, it is way too affordable NOT to have it in your life.

All this to say,  I have found a system that works well for me.  I thought of sharing these simple tips + tools with you because I know I am not the only one who suffers from travel + packing anxiety.  It’s a thing!  It can literally take over your life if you don’t find a system that works for you.  You should never allow something to take the joy out of something you love to do.  A person can learn so much and experience different adventures through travel.  #traveloften #happytravels

Psss…I found a general packing list for you here.


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