5 Tips | Hosting a small NYE Party at Home

Why throw a party at home?  It’s convenient, safe, and can be so much fun too!!  You can invite a handful of your favorite humans, decide on a menu, and go from there…  I have always loved the idea of hosting a little party or get together at our home.  Our home isn’t huge or anything but it does have lots of charm and our backyard is dreamy.  About a year ago, we hung outdoor lighting and bought some furniture that makes the space such a happy place.  We bring out our torches that help keep mosquitos away and all of the pieces together create a nice ambiance. 

Tip #1 – Create a unique AMBIANCE!!

To be able to achieve this, you don’t have to go overboard but instead, get creative.  I usually go to Pinterest to get ideas and then throw in my own twist.  This year I’m going with a chill + cozy vibe.  Thursday evening will be in the low 60’s so we will have our firepit on, light up the torches, and have blankets on all the chairs out in our backyard patio.  Everyone will have a place to cozy up and relax and we can talk and have fun in a chill way.

Tip #2 – Have a SIGNATURE drink!!

A signature drink always makes hosting a party official, amiright???  This year we are having Kir Royal!!  I can’t wait for these!!  Here’s the recipe for that: pour 1/2oz of Chambord into the flute, pour in champagne, garnish with a lemon spiral.  This is such a pretty drink and your guests will be blown away.  You can make these in advance – literally takes five minutes to make.  That way you can enjoy yourself and not have to worry about making everyone’s drink.  What I do if I’m in a pinch, I make a printout or use a chalkboard and write the recipe on it so that my guests can make their own signature drink.  This saves you time and effort, but to be honest I like the idea of having a few flutes already ready to go for guests to grab + enjoy!

Champagne Margarita recipe here!!

Strawberry Champagne Punch recipe here!


Tip #3 –  Make the FOOD look amazing!!

The food is basically your focal point when it comes to hosting a party.  You can decide to go with the pass out finger foods or a sit-down dinner.  Since this will be a small party for about 10 guests, I am opting for a full-on sit-down dinner.  I want to create the perfect tablescape along with candles and flowers and nice linens.  Yes, you heard that correctly, bust out the fancy linens – this is what makes or breaks a tablescape sometimes.  I am also plating all of the foods on nice platters that I snagged from HomeGoods + Target.  You can always find good stuff at HomeGoods and you can use it for future parties.  I like to place all the foods on the table and have everyone sit down and then we use the pass and serve method.  This encourages conversation and laughs and just all the good stuff you want happening at the dinner table on New Year’s Eve.

Steak Bites with Garlic Butter recipe here!

Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Bites recipe here!

Short Rib Crostini recipe here!

Tip #4 – Must have at least 2 DESSERT stations!!

It’s so important to give your guests options and variety.  This also helps keep the party flowing into the evening and you look forward to what’s next, you know what I mean??  This year, Todd and I are having a smore’s + cake + pie station, and coffee and hot chocolate area with all the side fixings.  So excited about this you have no idea.

Tip #5 – Create your own BALL drop!!

I’ve never done this before but you better believe I am so happy to do it for my guests.  Basically, I am going to gather the materials to make our own ball drop.  I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a styrofoam ball – the size is completely up to you.  I also picked up some glitter to cover the ball for a festive look.  Next, you’ll want to buy a few boxes of sparklers to inject into the styrofoam ball – you’re going to want a lot of sparklers for this.  The way you attach a pinata to a tree limb or wood post is the same concept you’ll want for your ball drop – keeping it as simple as possible.  Lowering it down the last 60 secs of the night.  This is my first year we are doing this so I can’t really give an opinion for how it’s going to turn out.  I’m hopeful though this will be the highlight of the night as we are ringing in the New Year. Here is another DIY ball drop for you to check out here.


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