Organizing My Pantry

I added a few videos of myself organizing my pantry yesterday and it quickly became the highest requested blog post.  I see why, we are all in quarantine and we are cleaning, harmonizing, and trying to make the best of this situation.  I have to say I can see a lot of positives coming out of being in quarantine.  You all already know the negatives which are pretty common across the board in our country so I’ll spare your ears.  The positive aspects, I assume are going to be different for everyone as we all have a variety of goals, needs, and wants.

Okay back to the pantry…

My pantry is a corner of our kitchen sitting on an angle.  I love it this way as it just flows nicely with the layout of our kitchen.  I can also open the pantry door all the way and have plenty of room for going in + out.  Our designer Erin (from Infinity Southwest Builder of Fort Myers, Florida) really did a great job of creating a perfect pantry with the limited dimensions.  Never the less, we ended up with a caddy-corner pantry design with all the space we need.  I love it a lot!!

When you are inside the pantry you will see four shelves that run on two of the main/full walls in our pantry.  This provides tons of space for canned goods, pasta, cases of water, baskets, whatever you have in mind for storing.  I took advantage of this space and incorporated wicker baskets, wooden stackable bins, lazy susans, wire shelves, and glass jars to create the perfect look I wanted in the space.  Everything is within reach and displayed nice + neat.  I find that when my pantry is well organized I am more motivated to cook + bake – healthy or not.  How does it make you feel?

Exact stackable burned brown wooden wire bins here


I hope this post was helpful – have fun organizing!!

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