Beach Date Grabs

I got the idea for this post from a beach date Todd + I had the other day.  All of the kiddos were with friends doing their own thing.  We found ourselves with no plans and decided to spend a few hours at the beach.  I’m not sure how you feel about the beach, but for me, it rejuvenates my soul.  I always feel like my thoughts are back in order and my goals make more sense.  Sometimes life seems to get the best of me.  It feels like a rat race and routine just isn’t anything new – the same thing over and over again.  Ever feel like that?  It’s sort of a funny thing because we literally have the nicest beaches within driving distance.  You would think we would take more advantage of the paradise we live in but we don’t.  It’s almost like we forget it is even around and weeks more like months go by and we don’t visit.

Back to the date…

Our date was on a whim, I had about five minutes to gather a few things and hit the road.  The things you think of packing in your bag when you literally have no time at all.  I made it simple and grabbed what I knew was essential for me at least.  One of my favorite items was my Sojo sunnies – no way I’ll take my luxury sunnies to the beach.  I recently snagged these on Amazon for a ridiculously low price $13.  I was a little skeptical but when I got them in the mail I was so impressed.  The quality was just as good as Quay sunnies that cost $60.  They also have tons of frames to choose from in the same price range.  I already ordered a few more my myself and the girls.  I also threw in my Clinique Pep Start Lip Mask which acts as my lip gloss.  This product is amazing – its a little thick so it does a great job at protecting the lips.  Especially, when you are in the sun most people don’t know this but lips also get sun damage.  I never knew this until I watched a youtube video where this girl was talking all about her skincare routine.  She mentioned that lips, in fact, need SPF too.  Good to know!

The woven straw bag is so cute and big enough to carry all of my essentials for my beach date.  It was under $22 so I wasn’t afraid to get it wet or sandy.  It never fails, I always get tons of compliments every time I carry this sweet bag.  I have also worn it at night to grab cocktails with the ladies and loved it!  What are some things you throw into your beach bag given five minutes?


If you do anything for yourself this week try to visit the beach and walk on the sand.  You’ll be amazed at how it grounds you and everything becomes so clear.  We are actually thinking of making this part of our weekly routine.

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