Amazon Favorites Under $70

Hey guys!  I hope your week has been a beautiful one – I can’t complain too much about mine.  I was so productive…who would have thought?  I managed to do a few photo shoots for the gram which is always a challenge with my busy schedule.  You moms out there know how life goes with a house full of “to-dos”.

It’s Friday and I thought it would be a perfect day to share some of my Amazon Favorites.  Amazon is a place that has become my go-to shopping resource.  You can’t beat 2-day shipping with the PRIME membership, right?  I order a lot for our home, beauty, fashion, decorating.  You can pretty much buy anything you want on Amazon.  I promise this is not a sponsored post I just love shopping on Amazon.  The items I am sharing with you today are products that I have purchased more than once.  I really enjoy using these items because they have worked well for me – I am willing to recommend them to you…and to anybody that reads my blog.

Honey Skin is a cream that I mix with a glycolic treatment.  Another product that I purchased on Amazon.  I use a glycolic cream as a treatment to keep my cells turning over for anti-aging.  If I use it alone it stings to the point where it feels like needles are poking at your face.  I now use Honey Skin to mix with the glycolic cream and it works nicely together. I do this once a week typically at the end of the week, like Sunday.  DōTerra Essential Oils have been life savers!  I always buy this trio which comes with three scents that I use around my home often.  The lavender I use in my bath water about 20 drops for relaxation.  It works!  Another good one is Stress Away.  The lemon scented oil I use to freshen up the garbage disposal, trash bins, or in my diffuser to create a happy environment.  Peppermint is amazing for a pick me up or digestion.  Did you know that DōTerra Essential Oils are safe internally?  Yes, they are my friends.  Of course for more serious causes please consult your doctor.  I have used 1-3 drops of Peppermint for digestion issues, and it really does make it better.  I use to be that person that would take anti-acid medicine religiously.  I don’t do that anymore, I try to do more natural remedies whenever possible.  My favorite is lemon!

This lazy susan is amazing for organizing in any home, office, anywhere.  I have these all over my house in the closets, pantry, cabinets in bathrooms, laundry room.  It really does help keep everything together and well kept.  It also spins smoothly so there is no reaching across trying to get to things in the back.  I love it.  I really recommend this one for sure!

Everyone always asks me about my leopard phone case.  The truth is I get them on Amazon.  I typically buy a few at a time – they are super affordable.  I think the most I spent on one phone case was $12.  I also love the fast shipping.  I am not very patient when it comes to fashion or accessories.  I typically am an “I need it now” person. 

Ultima Replenisher is an electrolyte supplement that I have used for a few months now.  I pour one into my bottle of water on my way to the gym or spin studio.  It helps me stay on track with minerals + vitamins.  I do feel the difference between muscle recovery, energy, and hydration.  If you are a person who is highly active you need this in your life.  

It took me a while to dip into the metal straw trend.  At first, it was a little weird on my teeth and it also had a metal taste.  That went away after a few washes in the dishwasher.  Now, I can’t see myself using any other straw unless I’m out and about and it’s inconvenient.  These straws are reusable, colorful, and safe for the earth.

I travel quite a bit and I find that when you are organized with your belongings it is better for your mental state.  I started using packing cubes about two years ago.  My first set was from TJ Maxx I think I paid $5.99.  They worked out fine – then, I started getting fancy with color + prints.  When I discovered these packing cubes on Amazon I was so happy.  They are fairly priced and come with plenty of cubes in a set.  There are other colors + prints to choose from.  It makes packing so easy and when you open your suitcase it looks pretty too.  Face razors were controversial for a minute last year.  The thought of a woman shaving her face was a big no-no.  What people didn’t know is that these types of razors are not sharp like a men’s razor.  These are just sharp enough for the peach fuzz along the jawline + sideburn areas of the face.  Later on, after practicing this method of peach hair removal they discovered it also exfoliated the dry skin off.  This made for a smooth, soft face which allowed the skin to better absorb skin care products.  This very inexpensive razor is a handy dandy little tool used by many women in today’s day in age.  Another winner!!


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