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Every year I make so many promises to myself during the holiday season.  One big promise that I tend to break every year is early Christmas shopping.  My sister ‘n’ law is so good at shopping early – she’s completely done by September.  Do you do this?

I will be inserting pictures of places I will most likely be shopping at.


I understand this helps with the stress load on the financial side, but also the stress from the decision of what to buy.  I can also see how gifts may be better thought out shopping early.  These are all reasons I thought it would be great for me to do this.  I love the holidays, but I have to admit the pressure of buying gifts, going into crazy packed stores, and waiting in long lines isn’t my idea of enjoying Christmas.


I know I am already late but I am trying to keep my promise to myself this year.  After all, is there really an expiration on this whole ordeal?  My goal is to be completely finished with all of my Christmas & Hanukkah shopping by November 16, 2014.  This allows me exactly 2 months to try to get it all done.  It’s going to be challenging but I think I can do it.  I’m already very excited because this also means that I get to enjoy Thanksgiving without the noise in my head of having to still buy gifts and beating the rush.  You know what I mean?


Learn more about Hanukkah here.

Truthfully speaking, I will probably find something to purchase while I’m at the mall or local store.  I am just that type of person, but at least it will be purchased stress-free and joyfully.  Not trying to be spendy at all…

With that being said, I am proud to announce my first purchase.  I am crossing it off my list as we speak.  I won’t add who the gift is for because they might read my post.  I will definitely post my list and if I was successful soon after.



The bottle looks like the picture below – I didn’t want to open the beautiful packaging.  s1233139-main-Lhero

Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb Eau De Parfum – $115.00

Tips that might help while holiday shopping:

1. Make a list of all the people you need to buy gifts for.

2. Set a budget for each individual on your list.

3. Set an amount of gifts to buy each week.

4. Often remind yourself, “it’s the thought that counts not the amount or size of gift”.

5. Always eat before you shop and take snacks to satisfy small cravings.

6. Wear comfy shoes and clothes.

7. Don’t forget your coffee, diet coke, or green juice.

8. Blotting papers are always handy for T-zone area.

9. Take breaks an go into stores you’d love to browse through.

10. Keep your receipts in an envelope separate from other purchase receipts.

Have you found yourself in similar situations?  I would love to hear how you managed.  Do you keep your promises to yourself?  Am I the only one not keeping promises?

XoXo...Now, go have a special day!!!
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