April Favorites So Far!!!

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Hey guys & dolls!  April is a great month because we are still in Spring, and I get to wear a lot of my favorite colors that speak “PERSONALITY!”  For my blog, I thought I’d start doing a monthly favorites post just to get aquatinted, and introduce what I’ve been using lately in my life.  Now, I have to say, I am going to post everything I find in relation to beauty.  Which could be scents for your home, candles, as well as, anything in the “beauty” industry like: makeup, makeup brushes, etc….  You get the picture.  Well, let’s get started, don’t worry I will make it short and sweet.

Polka dots: I have been pretty obsessed with anything that has polka dots on it.  The other day I was shopping around, and when I got home I noticed I had bought a polka dotted dress, shirt, and a pair of shorts.  At first, I was like “WHAT?”  Then, I realized it is just what I am into at the moment – so it’s cul.

NYX Lip Butter:  OMG!!!  I love this product!!  In like, every color that is.  It is such a perfect mixture of lipgloss & color all in one.  It also lasts a pretty long while on your lips which is great.  Not to mention how inexpensive it its $4.  You gotta go and try it, I’m actually putting it on right now.  Oh yeah, it also smells like the name of the color.  For example, if it’s creme brule, it will smell like that.  LOVE!!!

Tresor Midnight Rose: This fragrance is so girly and I get compliments every time I spray it on myself.  It’s a mixture of floral, berries, and some earthiness all mixed together.  It also lasts all day long.  Just when I think I don’t smell it anymore, someone says “I love your parfume”.   I also bought this for a gift for my mom and at first she was like “yeah, too floral”.  After she wore it the first time, I counted 10 compliments that day.  I know this very clearly because it was the day I found my french provincial table.  Yep.

Essie Nail Polish: TURQUOISE & CAICOS (is the color).  I have to be honest, I have worn this color like all month.  I just love the way it looks against my skin tone.  It is fresh, cool, and a very pretty color.  I also love how it dries extremely fast and has great coverage.  AWESOME.

Cinnamon Bun Tarts: Please use a tart warmer for this product.  Okay, normally, I don’t like the smell of a food product in and around my home.  In this case, I do because it’s not as strong but still smells your whole home of cinnamon buns.  It’s just like when you are at the mall and you walk past Cinnabun.  YES!!!  Totally like that – all the way.  I love it, it also reminds me of when my mom use to make cinnamon rolls when I was a little girl.  Ahhhh…..#Memories #Love MOm  #Cinnamon Buns #Homemade #Love Dad for buying her a baking oven like 6ft tall!!!

Real Technique Makeup Brushes: Okay guys, I have always used these brushes and love how they perform on my face with many m/u products.  Recently, I have been using makeup brushes from Bobby Brown, MAC, Sigma, and brands such as.  I don’t know, I always find myself going back to my Real Technique Brushes.  They are relatively cheap, easy to use, bristles are soft, and the bottom line – they do what  they are suppose to do.  That’s what we ultimately want?  Right?  Yes, I agree.  The other day, I looked at my Real Technique brushes and noticed they are pretty old, basically, I needed new ones.  So, I logged into my Ebay account, and found a whole set of starter brushes for $70.  STEAL!!!

BIG Sexy HAIRspray:  If you are a kinda girl who curls her hair and wants it to stay put but not crunchy – this is the hairspray for you.  I love to curl my hair, bump my hair, and overall, have control over my hair without the crunchiness.  YUK!  I stumbled across this hairspray one day when I was at H.E.B. in Houston – actually, Pearland, Texas.  It was like $12 or so, and I fell in love with it.  It holds pretty well and smells really amazing.  Highly recommend it to anyone really.

The color mint: So lately, I’ve had a little crush on the color mint.  I have mentioned that I love the color against my skin tone – right.  Not only that, it goes so well with so many things.  Especially, during the spring time, you can find it everywhere.  If you spot any message me – with a quickness – PLEASE.

Sparkle: Anything sparkly is totally part of my wardrobe.  For promising!!!  I love small, not so dangling, earrings that sparkle.  I believe this look is ever so classy and exudes confidence, elegance, pretty, and “shall I say more?”  Be there, and show y0ur sparkle!!!

Thanks so much for visiting me today – please be sure and check out my YOUTUBE channel for quick tips & short tutorials.  Let me in on any of your ideas, comments, or April favs.  Can’t wait to hear!!!


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