Amazing Mother’s Day Gifts Under $100

It’s that time of the year where we celebrate the women in our lives that have shaped us into who we are today.  The women who taught us right from wrong, cared for us while we were sick, motivated us to be the best version our ourselves, and well…moms do it best.  Some people might not have a mom but I feel confident that there is a person in your life that has taken the role of Mom.  Whether that be your dad stepping up to the plate or maybe a grandma playing mom’s role.  Celebrate that special person.  I know we live in a world where everyone’s life is so crazy and sometimes hard to explain.  Just know we are all dysfunctional to a degree – even though we like to go around pretending we have all together.  Who are we fooling???

Who is Nina?

I am so grateful for having my mom in my life.  She is strong, beautiful inside + out, and just cares so much about everyone.  Here are some facts about her, my mom is going to turn 69 in May, her and I share the same name, Nina Marie.  She was born + raised in Texas and she went to school up until the second grade.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Her family was underprivileged and she was withdrawn from school to help work in the fields pulling cotton + corn.  The money she would earn would help with their expenses to live.  Can you imagine? Later on down the road, she met my dad, Ramon and they started our family of six.

Bringing a lot to the table…

All throughout her life, she worked at various places like the local high school in the cafeteria making desserts, cleaning houses, and finally decided to become a full-time stay at home mom.  When we were older (high school age), she decided to open up a small Mexican restaurant called Taquitos to Go – serving fast + homemade goodness.  This quickly became a hidden gem in Rosharon, Texas.  A place where locals would pick up their breakfast + lunch on a daily basis.  TTG ran strong for eight years before mama decided it was time to retire the tortilla press.  The business was sold to someone else who was interested in a restaurant venture.  So many people till this day never knew the real reason for TTG closing its doors.  The answer is simple, the murder of my uncle Mike was such devastation she needed time to mourn.

Happiness always comes after sadness…

Years have since passed and she is better than ever residing in San Antonio, Texas.  She lives alone and does her best at staying busy by dancing once or twice a week, visiting with friends, and working in her rose garden.

I wanted to end this post by sharing some really cute Mother’s Days gift ideas.  I organized them in four different categories: Beauty Fanatic, Avid Traveler, Home Enthusiast, and Fashion Lover.  If you’re anything like myself – I love spoiling my mom on this day.  It may be because she shares a birthday with Mother’s Day.  Such a lucky woman!  Hug your Mom tight and make it the ultimate special day for her…after all, she is the reason you are here today.  I hope you enjoyed today’s post.

Beauty Fanatic

Avid Traveler

Home Enthusiast

Fashion Lover

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