5 Tips for a Happier Life

ninamarieblogsTIP #1: Surround yourself with positive people.  Preferably friendships with common interest and goals.  It is not always easy but is very essential to living a happy life.  Typically, when you live by this standard your more susceptible to being more successful & fulfilled.
nina marie blogsTIP #2: Long walks on the beach are ideal, but I know not everyone has that luxury.  Some people don’t like the beach – I get it.  Just get moving.  You can substitute the beach for a long walk around your neighborhood or local park.  When you get out and breath in fresh air it allows you to clear your mind to relax.  It also helps you sort out loose ends which in turn helps you sleep at night.
ninamarieblogsTIP #3: Go big or go home!  When you are preparing a bath at home,  light the candles, sprinkle in rose petals & bath salts, and pour in the essential oil.  HELL!  Make it a celebration.  I’m assuming you are not one of those humans who indulges in a bath on the daily.  So when you do, make it count – don’t feel guilty.  Science proves magnesium is great for tired muscles & anxiety.  Essential oils also help on many different levels.  The roses are just plain luxurious.
ninamarieblogsTIP 4: Find a workout that you look forward to doing.  This can be anything really, walks, pilates, yoga, Soul Cycle, the list goes on.  Show up!  Did you know that is the hardest part of a workout?  Yup.  My favorite workout at the moment is Pilates.  It stretches me out, works out my muscles making them long & lean, and I sweat it out a Lil bit.  It’s wonderful.  Did I mention, your body responds in a little as 2 weeks.  Yes, girlfriend results in NO time!!!
TIP #5: Drink yourself to being a healthy human.  Juices are healthy, great tasting, and fun to make.  And the best part, it doesn’t have to be a green juice.  There are all sorts of juice recipes online that will suit anyone’s taste buds.  This healthy option will help you glow inside out.  Most importantly, after a week of juicing you’ll feel so good – it will be hard to turn back.

Nina Marie Blogs Green Juice Recipe

1 cucumber

2 celery

1/2 lime

ginger (I usually cut a small sliver)

1 handful of Kale, or cilantro, or parsley, or anything leafy green in your fridge.

Life can be overwhelming, stressful, and unfulfilled.  When we stop to think about our own lives I can agree that we all can be overly critical.  We focus on other people lives and their accomplishments that it takes away from our own.  I know this is something I work on myself on a daily basis.  It’s not that I am envious or that I want someone else’s life.  It is actually human nature, and the fact is we all do it.  This post is not to focus on negative thoughts about one’s life, more so, to help enlighten you to be able to move forward.  To refocus yourself and take a deep look at all the amazingness in your life.

These tips are probably nothing new to some of you, but to a small few it may have a huge impact.  I also thought of sharing these helpful tips because it is what works for me.  It makes me feel clear in my brain, whole in heart, and glowing from the inside out.  In what ever you do in life, always remember that you always need to work on the inside not only the outside of YOU.  It really does make a difference.  I will leave you with saying that you should never feel guilty about working on yourself.  Even if it calls for a small investment – you are worth it.


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