3 Ways to wear Leopard Print

Its Sunday and I have to say I am so grateful for the weekend I am having.  Todd has been traveling a lot for work and I always worry about us being disconnected.  When we talk about it we reassure each other that although it might be hard we will never give up on one another.  We also try to incorporate little outings on the weekends that we know will help us stay connected + bring joy.  This weekend starting on Friday, the girls had plans with their friends so Todd and I went and had cocktails with ours.  It was so nice sipping + mingling with our old friends.  These friends have been around since the beginning of our move to Fort Myers.  All of us live such hectic lives and a lot of our friends lead companies, run their own businesses, and also travel quite a bit.  It makes it so hard to see each other as much as we want.  On Saturday, we had a date night and ended up at Shucker’s on Fort Myers Beach.  We had the Tortuga Shrimp + Rockefeller oysters – so good!!!  The best part, we caught the most beautiful sunset with so many pastel colors blended like a watercolor painting.  It never gets old and it’s so romantic!!  After the sunset, we drove to Bell Tower Shops and caught a late movie called Shazam.  Cutest movie EVER!!  I highly recommend it – take the kids!

“Leopard print is, as the saying goes, an ‘oldie, but a goodie’. The bold pattern can be traced back as far as ancient Egypt, when, because real pelts were rare, women stenciled leopard prints onto linen sheaths. African leaders wore animal skins to show their power, and Napoleon’s troops trimmed their helmets and saddle covers in leopard skin, cementing the prints bold, confident reputation.” ~SOSANDAR

Now that we’ve caught up, let’s talk about leopard prints.  Leopard print became a thing well before 1925 – a long, long time ago.  If you notice, leopard is one of those things that comes in + out of peak every year.  Sometimes it’s short-lived and in 2019, you’re seeing the longevity of this wild animal.  One thing that makes leopard unique is that it is recognized as a neutral.  This means it can pretty much go with anything in your closet.  This is so cool because leopard has magical properties.  It literally can vamp up any outfit to make it look spectacular.  More and more people are drawn to leopard each year and it gets me so excited.  I love leopard print and always have since I can remember.  In this post, I am showing you three ways I comingle leopard print along with other colors + textures.  I already have these pieces in my closet – you might too!


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