3 Tips for Decorating a Christmas Tree

Tip 1: Color theme

This year I wanted to do something more on the whimsical side.  I flipped flopped around with colors but I ended up choosing classics.  I chose red, green, and white!  You can imagine how easy it is working with this color scheme being that it is in every store possible.  I can’t say that is why I choose these colors, I was just drawn to them naturally.  In any case, don’t be afraid to play around with color – it’s what makes decorating fun.

Tip 2: Ribbon

In the past, a ribbon was not a thing for me to add to the tree.  Instead, I would flood my tree with ornaments and flowers of the season.  This is still a very nice tree.  This year, I definitely wanted to do something a little out of the box and out of my comfort zone.  I purchased three rolls of ribbon, different patterns + textures.  I always decorate in odd numbers. I actually learned this technique when I was attending The Art Institute majoring in Interior Design.  Till this day, I have yet to sway in any other direction – odd numbers just work for design!

Back to ribbon tips…

The ribbon doesn’t have to be expensive to work well.  I purchased all of my ribbon from Michaels Craft Store at 50% off, and I think one roll of ribbon was an additional 20% off.  When you purchase ribbon make sure it is the heaviest wire they carry.  The wire is what helps the ribbon stay on the tree.  You can twist it, bend it, manipulate it in any way you want to decorate your tree.

To start, I cut 1 1/2 – 2 ft long ribbons. Then, I would bend it to attach to a limb deeper into the tree.  Some ribbons I tucked into the tree and some I would allow hanging out.  This gave it some dimension and whimsy.  At first, your tree isn’t going to look quite right.  It will start taking shape and looking good once you start adding ornaments, and the rest of the decor.  Trust me on this.  I tend to be a little anal so you best believe I was questioning what I was doing.

Tip 3: Ornaments

I mix all my ornaments old and new.  I also add really big ones and really small ones.  This year I added in personalized ornaments too.  This makes the tree a little more personal and whimsical in my opinion.  For example, I love Diet Coke so I picked an ornament up from Target that was a mini Diet Coke can.  I love it!!  Another thing, we always pick up an ornament on every trip we go on as a keepsake.  I added all of those on our tree.  To be honest with you, the majority of our ornaments were the plain ones you buy in bulk from Wal-Mart or Costco.  The bigger ornaments I bought from Costco a while ago. The smaller ones or dangly ones I picked up from HomeGoods or TJ Maxx.

One more thing, I bought some tinsel to help fill in the gaps of the tree.  Our tree is artificial and about 5 years old.  In a lot of places it was hard to make the tree look full because of the gaps.  I fixed that problem with tinsel.  I bought two strands of red + white tinsel and cut it into 2 ft pieces.  Then, I stuffed it into the areas I needed to fill in the gaps.  It worked like a charm and also helps with the whimsical theme.  For the record, my husband hates tinsel and thinks it looks tasteless.  He actually thought it was a great idea and was pleased with how it turned out.

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